We are ConnectMe!

In today’s business, going wireless isn’t so much a case of “if,” but a case of “when.”

Your users are mobile. They’re doing business on iPhones and iPads and Androids. They don’t have the capability to plug into a wired network.
Though the need to go wireless might be a no brainier, the technology behind it is anything but. There are operational and security issues that require a clear and insightful plan right from the start. So you’re not dealing with spotty connections and gaps in your security down the road.

ConnectMe Solutions can create a wireless design that’s just right for your business. And we’ll help you maintain it as your business grows and your needs change.

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ConnectMe Wireless Solutions has the breadth and depth of aftermarket product that will satisfy any retail environment.

From holsters to cases, travel chargers and vehicle power adapters, you’ll find quality products, attractively priced.